BMW i8

A personal project where I took the existing BMW i8 website and gave it my own re-design.

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Walking the Walk

BMW's i8 looks the business, the website doesn't!

Shortly before the release of the BMW i8 I was having a look at their website and reading up about the car, when it struck me that for such a forward thinking sexy looking machine this was a very dated and bland website. I decided to do a little redesign as a personal project. I stuck to content from the original page and used their photography but tried to present the information in a more intuitive way and make the whole thing look a bit slicker and more modern.

My Roles

  • Design

    I reworked the page from scatch starting with a UX concept up to a finished design.

Contact Me

Like what you see? if you so and you have an upcoming project you would like to work with me on. Or if you have any questions regarding my work, please feel free to contact me (even if you just want to say Hi!).